Applications Open For Fall 2020 SENT Communities

Applications are open now until July 27 for leading Catholic innovators and entrepreneurs to enter the Fall 2020 round of SENT Communities.

As a non-profit social venture, SENT fuels Catholic entrepreneurs with the business and spiritual formation needed for success by empowering them with a community of peers for accountability. Its virtual communities consisting of 5-8 entrepreneurs offer Catholic leaders consistent access to valuable mentorship, coaching, strategic education, spiritual resources, a network of partners, and a like-minded faith group to support and advise them in their business and personal development.

How SENT Forms Communities

SENT strategically groups leaders together based on a variety of factors including organizational stage, business acumen, experience, personality, level of spiritual engagement, etc. This curated experience allows members to leverage the diverse knowledge, experience, and networks of peer leaders

Current Members

Through its communities, SENT has served emerging leaders such as the founders of Hallow, Exodus 90, Modern Catholic Pilgrim, Mission Advancement Partners, and many others. Rather than compartmentalizing their lives, SENT members seek to integrate all of who they are into the day-to-day responsibilities of their ventures.

“I spent the first two years with almost no support and we barely survived.”James Baxter, co-founder of Exodus 90, said. “I desperately needed—and still need—what SENT is offering.”

OSV Innovation Challenge Accelerator

With a vision of contributing to Catholic Church renewal by fueling the next generation of leaders, SENT has also partnered with other leading organizations who share in this vision. Most recently, SENT partnered with the University of Notre Dame’s IDEA Center and the OSV Institute in the OSV Innovation Challenge to provide 12 entrepreneurs with the opportunity to go through the world’s first Catholic accelerator. Along with competing for over $300,000 in prizes, entrepreneurs involved in Innovation Challenge have the chance to use the accelerator to expedite the development of their ventures in a way that integrates world-class business insight with deep spiritual development.

Apply For a SENT Community Today

Entrepreneurs and Catholic leaders are invited to join the Fall 2020 Sent Communities by applying today. Applications are open until July 27.

To receive more information on SENT Communities, click here.
To apply for a Fall 2020 SENT Community, click here.



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