Easter Reflection

One of my favorite things about this time of year is how rapidly new life seems to emerge in the foliage, flowers, and throughout creation. Life seems to remain still and dormant for so long. Then, suddenly, we are on the cusp of summer. 

Sometimes we feel as barren and frigid as frosty branches in winter. But just as new life breaks forth so rapidly in Spring, renewal can unfold within us like an unexpected blossom. Be open to die to old ways. Have renewed hope to undergo transformation. Unlock the mysterious buds of new life. 

This spring at SENT, we have been busy behind the scenes improving how we serve and support Catholic entrepreneurs and founders. Please check below for just some of our news and updates!

May this summer be one of fresh hope and renewed encounters with loved ones and friends. 

Peace to you always, 


Tips For Easter Transformation

We are still in the midst of the Easter season. Easter, the 50-day celebration of The Lord’s Resurrection leads up to Pentecost, the event of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring upon the Apostles. 

Easter offers a gateway to live in abundant joy and light through a transformation in the Risen Christ. 

Here are some tips on how to keep the Easter joy alive in these weeks leading up to Pentecost:

1) Attend Daily Mass
The busyness of being an entrepreneur is no small task but by choosing to go to Mass frequently, we allow the living and resurrected Christ to transform us and make us whole. 

2) Go to Confession Regularly
The Sacrament of Reconciliation gives us the opportunity to recover our relationship with God and better live out the joy of the Easter season.

3) Take Time to Relax
Running a business or new venture comes with crazy hours and a busy schedule but it is important to remember to take time to relax and rejoice with loved ones. Schedule time each week to relax with your family, friends or community.

4) Prioritize Prayer
It is through a personal relationship with God that we are able to grow in every aspect of our lives, even within our business pursuits. By prioritizing prayer and relationships, we will find deeper harmony and confidence.



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