Featured Entrepreneur of the Spirit: Eric Dooley

Eric Dooley is the executive director of Catholify and a SENT Community member. Catholify is a ministry that seeks to embrace the ever-changing technology and use it to elevate the unchanging Truth of the Catholic Church. Through their app, Eric and his team have captured over 523 years’ worth of prayer and over 2M Rosaries prayed!

What inspired you to start Catholify?

As a software engineer and entrepreneur, I always felt a need to innovate for the Church through technology. Global telecommunications and the Universal Church ought to go hand-in-hand, but it always seemed like the Church was the last to benefit from the latest tech. It was no accident that He gave me this ambition and skillset, so Catholify was born out of a need to “give back” and put these gifts into action.

Can you tell us about what Catholify has been up to lately?

Catholify has been responding to COVID in every way we can to keep the Church connected in prayer. In particular, we have been rolling out Praymo—our live prayer & community platform and working on our next Mercy Night—our multi-parish live adoration nights.

What have been the most difficult or challenging parts of starting this venture? 

The responsibility of leading a nonprofit and all the ins and outs associated with it—to balance the exciting elements with the challenging-but-necessary ones.

Why did you decide to join a SENT Community?

John appeared providentially one day and invited me to consider joining a community. My first inclination was that I was “too busy” but soon realized that was exactly why I needed it—to have community with like-minded professionals striving for like-minded goals. 

What have been the biggest benefits or takeaways from your time in a SENT Community? 

The professional connections and mutual trust to be raw with one another so as to lift each other to greater heights.

If you could sum up your SENT experience in one sentence, what would it be? 

SENT has been instrumental in connecting me with a community of like-minded and entrepreneurially-spirited leaders that are all walking towards Christ through our ministries.

To learn more about Eric and Catholify click here



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