Holy Week

This is Holy Week, the “holiest week of the year” for Catholics.

True growth necessarily involves some struggle, sacrifice, and genuine transformation. All of us have addictions, fears, attachments, and junk that hold us back from freedom, authenticity, and flourishing. Transformation is most powerfully wrought through participation in the life of Christ.

Holy Week and, in particular, the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter is a sacred time to drown in the mystery of Jesus’ invitation to die — and rise — with Him. Die to slavery. Rebirth to new freedom. Die to fear. Rebirth to hope. Die to darkness. Rebirth to light. 

How will you die AND rise this Holy Week for NEW LIFE?

Wishing you a blessed Holy Week and Easter. Prayers for you during this sacred time,


“We are in Holy Week, days in which we venerate the mystery of the Cross. With deep emotion, the Church proclaims the ancient liturgical hymn, passed on from generation to generation and repeated by believers down the centuries. “Holy Week”, the center of the liturgical year, enables us to relive the fundamental events of the Redemption linked with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus.”
– Saint Pope John Paul II

As we entered into Holy Week on March 28th, we prepare our hearts to commemorate and remember the Passion and Death of Our Lord. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. Walk with us as we remind ourselves of the importance of each day of this Holy Week.

We encourage you to find time for prayer and reflection this week. A powerful way to unify ourselves to Christ this week is to attend daily mass and pray the Stations of the Cross.

Palm Sunday: We celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. 
Matthew 21:1-9

“Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem manifests the coming of the kingdom that the Messiah-King, welcomed into his city by children and the humble of heart, is going to accomplish by the Passover of his Death and Resurrection.” 
The Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraph 570

Holy Wednesday– Often called “Spy Wednesday”  is the day when Judas betrayed Jesus for silver.
Luke 22:1-6

Holy Thursday– We remember the Last Supper, the Institution of the Eucharist and the Jesus’ washing of the apostles feet.
Mark 14:12-25. John 13:1-17

Good Friday– Jesus was scourged at the Pillar, Crowned with Thorns, Forced to carry His Cross to Calvary, was Crucified and died.  On this day we observe abstinence and fasting in union with the penance of the Lord.
Mark 15:1-47    

Holy Saturday– The day that God remains hidden. It is a day of prayer and recalling Christ’s suffering.



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