Featured Entrepreneur of the Spirit: Jennifer Baugh

Jennifer Baugh is the Founder & National Executive Director of Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), an organization that empowers and equips Catholic men and women to live out their faith in their work and everyday lives. YCP brings together young professionals in their twenties and thirties into a community of belonging, support, and encouragement at all stages of the faith journey. Jennifer and her YCP team are committed to helping young Catholics perform all their work with excellence for the glory of God. The first YCP event was held in 2010, and it has grown to over twenty chapters across the county. YCP’s tremendous growth over the past ten years is a testament to Jennifer’s responsiveness to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and her vision. 

Jennifer Baugh and the OSV Innovation Challenge Accelerator 

Recently, Jennifer offered a workshop hosted by SENT and its partners to the Finalists of the OSV Innovation Challenge, in which she shared her experience on how to persevere through challenges, grow in trust in God, and manage a growing enterprise. She also offered a powerful reflection on St. Joseph the Worker as a model for integrating our spiritual lives with work, especially for entrepreneurs.

She shared one experience during which she felt YCP was on the ropes. She drove on the empty icy roads one winter through Dallas for a meeting with a potential partner and donor not knowing if she would make it there safely, if the other party would show for the meeting, or if they would continue the organization. All ended up happening and the organization continued to flourish. Perhaps this outcome can be in part attributed to her boldness and in part to Divine Providence.  

How to Get Involved in YCP

Below are just a few of YCP’s new initiatives that you can get involved in within the upcoming months…

  • YCP National Conference: April 30th – May 2nd, 2021 in Dallas, TX. YCP would like to invite you to the 2021 conference, entitled ‘Work of Our Hands’, based on the groundbreaking book, Consecration to Saint Joseph by Fr. Donald Calloway. This dynamic weekend event, to be held on April 30 – May 2nd,​ ​2021 in Dallas​, TX, will be an interactive experience​ -​ unique in its integration of younger and more experienced Catholic professionals. The conference will allow young Catholic leaders the chance​ to mingle with young ​adults in informal and formal ways that will be mutually encouraging and enriching. ​They are expecting to have ​1 experienced professional per 5 young adults to allow for deeper conversations during the small group discussions that will be ​facilitated by seasoned mentors​. Learn more about the weekend and register online here. For Questions email [email protected].
  • YCP Executive Mentorship. YCP’s Executive Mentor program has just been kicked up a notch with the investment in a mentoring platform trusted by the world’s best brands! This powerful program is designed to connect YCP members eager to learn from more experienced professionals with Catholic executives who are committed to the Faith and to the pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields. These seasoned Catholic executives will serve as mentors in regular meetings by offering insights and guidance on matters of faith and work to aid YCP members in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges they might encounter in their lives. For more information click here.
  • YCP Forums Are you interested in working with your peers to overcome obstacles and accomplish more? YCP Forums are communities of like-minded Catholics committed to helping you build the life you really want. These confidential peer advisory groups offer the insight and support you need to achieve your personal, professional and spiritual goals. Forums are included as a NEW benefit for all dues paying YCP Members. Apply now to join a Forum or become a YCP Member. 

Learn more about YCP here.



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