Meditation on Productivity

Peace to you! 

As a winter wonderland covers my view in Washington DC, I think about the passage of time. It seems like just yesterday this same view was bathed in summer heat. But now the flurries fall freely and the cycle of life stumbles onward. 

I think to myself: “What have I accomplished in this time?” “What difference has it made?”

So often we associate our self worth, our identity, our “value” with what we have produced or “accomplished.” However, this is an inverted way of seeing reality. The truth is that our worth, value, and “impact” is most fully realized through relationship — with God, with those around us, with those whom we love.

Production and accomplishment are far from worthless. However, with the help of God’s grace, we start to see outcomes in their proper order. What we “accomplish” is secondary to and is most powerful when flowing from an intensity of relationship with God and love in action with other human beings.

As the winter season unfolds, I pray that you find ways to invest in relationships that deepen your identity in God and elevate the life-giving dignity of your work.

With prayer,