Meet Our Summer Fellows!

We are blessed to have four talented fellows working with us at SENT this summer helping to grow our organization so more Catholic entrepreneurs can fulfill their missions through their ventures! They come from diverse backgrounds and have a plethora of impressive accolades, which you can check out in their full bios here.

However, we wanted to ask them a few fun questions to let you all get to know them a little better…

What are 3 things that bring you joy? 

  • David Murphy: A well vacuumed carpet, front-porch sitting with my family and golden retriever, and ice cream in any form. 
  • John Sikorski: After prayer and time spent with Our Lord, I also love spending time with my wife and five children, especially in the great outdoors; Enjoying a good, homemade meal with a community of friends; and skiing and mountain biking.
  • Leanne Tang: Jesus, the incredible people in my life, and ice cream!
  • Josie Kuhlman: Chatting with JC in quiet empty chapels, quality time with quality people, and anything active and adventurous!

Who’s an entrepreneur of the Spirit who inspires you? 

  • David Murphy: St Benedict was a man of deep prayer who plumbed the spiritual depths and lived such a virtuous life that others began to follow him, yet his head wasn’t in the clouds. He proved to be an adept leader who was balanced, fair, and realistic. In his mid 20’s, he physically built thirteen monasteries, founded communities to live there filled with men who responded to his charismatic preaching, and led others to holiness by his way of life. He was intrepid and boldly proclaimed the faith, founding his thirteenth monastery, the famed Abbey of Monte Cassino, on the site of a pagan temple. It was here that he eventually wrote his Rule of Life that became the template for western monasticism due to its solid foundations but applicability to many situations. 
  • John Sikorski: Saint John Paul the Great–not only was he a great pastor, academic, theologian, athlete, poet, and intellectual, but he was always able to see how great ideas–and ultimately, the Truth who is Christ–made a difference in the practical moral, spiritual, and social life of individuals. He boldly proclaimed that personal holiness and sanctification are sure and powerful means for moving a culture and society toward a civilization of love.
  • Leanne Tang: St. Ignatius of Loyola! With his founding of the Jesuits and his dedication towards writing the spiritual exercises to assist others discern God’s will and discover the courage to do His will, he showed great leadership, trust, and entrepreneurial spirit. His mission to “go forth and set the world on fire” is ever-present at the intersection of entrepreneurship and the Catholic faith, especially here at SENT. 
  • Josie Kuhlman: St. Teresa of Calcutta has always been a huge inspiration for me because she reminds me that being a great leader is not always about doing the big, exciting things right away, but about remaining faithful to the small, daily tasks in front of me. Mother Teresa didn’t set out thinking that the order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity, would encompass thousands of nuns and serve in hundreds of countries like it does today. She just saw the immediate need in front of her and responded with her fiat when God asked her to help. When I get overwhelmed by my desire to do something big for God and the Church, Momma T reminds me to stay faithful to what’s in front of me. 

What are 3 things on your bucket list? 

  • David Murphy: Go to a Sox/Yankees game at Fenway, walk the Camino, and swim in every ocean.
  • John Sikorski: Watch my children grow into mature, virtuous adults who find their own path and vocation in life and embrace it with joy; Hiking a 14’er; Carving out more time for musical pursuits (piano and saxophone).
  • Leanne Tang: I want to visit the Vatican, go backpacking in Glacier National Park, and getting my pilot’s license. 
  • Josie Kuhlman: I’ve got a lot on my bucket list, but a few things are to write a book, crash a random wedding reception, and run a marathon. 

Why did you decide to join the SENT team? 

  • David Murphy: I started a Catholic non-profit on my own, and realized first hand the need for practical business advice that didn’t ignore the spiritual components to my business model. It is an amazing gift to be able to build a novel Catholic Innovation ecosystem that serves those who are solving urgent needs in the life of the Church and beyond.
  • John Sikorski: John Cannon and SENT has a great vision that sees and understands what the Church needs in the New Evangelization: not only the desire to be cooperators with the Holy Spirit in this endeavor, but the vision, tactics, and leadership qualities needed to bring this desire to fruition.  As Pope Benedict XVI has said, “only from the saints does true revolution come,” and SENT seeks to learn from the saints to see the ways in which God has worked through them to bring about an increase in HIs Kingdom–and I believe this insistence on reading the lives of the saints and the Spirit’s work in them is a sure path to addressing the challenges and needs of our own time.
  • Leanne Tang: After talking to John, I knew God was calling me to join this team. While I obtained my M.S. in Entrepreneurship, I struggled to find how it could be engrained with my faith and my previous experience at my Jesuit undergraduate institution. SENT allowed me the opportunity to find where my passions aligned and work with entrepreneurs that live the mission of the Church everyday.
  • Josie Kuhlman: David Murphy actually reached out and told me SENT was looking for help in communications and marketing, and the timing was definitely providential. When I learned more about the work that SENT is doing in the Church, I was ecstatic that I had the opportunity to build a communications and marketing plan for an organization that is contributing directly to the renewal of the Catholic Church today. I’m just grateful to join in SENT’s mission in my small way.



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