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The OSV Innovation Challenge is bringing together 350 innovative Catholic initiatives and helping them compete for $300,000 in prizes. They are seeking innovators, creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a great idea to become one of three $100,000 prize recipients. This challenge is uniting these Catholic entrepreneurs—from business owners to artists; priests to laypeople; and seasoned investors to new startup owners

Check out the following resources to learn more about how the OSV Innovation Challenge is opening new doors for Catholic entrepreneurs.

OSV Innovation Challenge – A Conversation with Jason Shanks

Jason Shanks, the President of OSV Institute, sits down with Lisa Hendley and talks about the need he saw in the Church for innovators. Read more to learn how the pandemic inspired the Church and entrepreneurs to think outside the box.

8 Reasons Why Innovation in The Church Matters More Now Than Ever

Why is this innovation in the church needed now? How can we, as entrepreneurs, renew but not renovate the Catholic Church during these uncertain times? Check out 8 reasons why our Church needs inspiring entrepreneurs to do what has never been done before.

Catholic Entrepreneurs Selected For Incubator and Shot at $100,000

The OSV Innovation Challenge is striving to pave a new path for Catholic entrepreneurs and creators. Learn more about how the Accelerator and Demo Day will provide impacts beyond the challenge.

Resources and Videos

Join us for the OSV Innovation Challenge Virtual Demo Day on Aug. 29

Hear From Jason Shanks on the Inefficient Innovator:

Introducing the OSV Challenge: