OSV Publication: “The 7 Characteristics of Church Renewal Leaders” by John Cannon

Peace to you this week! At SENT, we think a lot about what renewal in the Church looks like today. We draw our inspiration from leaders in the past, who founded schools, hospitals, ministries for the poor, and more. What made them tick? What was their “secret sauce”?

I spent some time studying these questions. Check out below a short article on the “7 Traits of Church Renewal Leaders” published in the OSV Institute Newsletter.

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Yesterday, The OSV Institute published an article written by SENT’s founder, John Cannon, titled, “Church Renewal Has Been Fueled by Entrepreneurial Leaders.”

In the article, John identifies and explains the 7 common characteristics of those who have sparked innovation throughout Church history. He determined these 7 characteristics after extensively researching over 50 renewal leaders in the Church’s history, from St. Benedict and St. Ignatius to Dorothy Day and Chiara Lubich. 

Similarly, the OSV Institute has a mission to inspire and encourage innovative and effective Church-related programs and activities.

We hope you’ll check out the article linked above!

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