Praying for Afghanistan

The recent news of Afghanistan and the earthquake in Haiti reveal tremendous suffering, especially in some of the poorest regions of the world. Suffering is a mystery that we can never fully understand. And yet it is something we all face at various stages of our lives.

In this newsletter, we want to share with you an opportunity to spiritually support those in Afghanistan and invite you to our first Instagram Live with John Cannon and SENT Fellow, Anna Camacho, Founder of CORDA Candles.

With prayers,




Our hearts go out to those suffering in Afghanistan. We encourage you to continue helping in whatever way you can, whether it’s praying, donating, or spreading awareness. Another way to help is to join over 35,000 others and participate in Hallow’s emergency novena for Afghanistan.

Not only has the tragic reality of Afghanistan drawn us to step into action, but it has also reminded us to recognize and appreciate how starkly different our reality is here in the US. In times like these, we are especially grateful for the relative peace, security, freedom, and privileges we enjoy, which can draw us to support others.

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