SENT Year In Review

A blessed start to 2021 to you!

After discerning out of religious life at the end of 2019, with no money or job, I moved into my aunt’s place in Northern Virginia and began working on the idea of SENT from her basement. I ended up working in that basement for the next year on SENT.  It was hard. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

SENT formally began in January 2020. It’s difficult enough starting an organization in normal times, much less in the midst of an isolating global pandemic.

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve been privileged to walk the same journey as many of those we serve — the highs, the lows, the loneliness, and the isolation of starting something on your own. We’ve tried to be relentless about serving Catholic entrepreneurs well by addressing their key needs for community, access to resources, and deep spirituality.

I think it’s been a fruitful year but I know we still have far to go. And far to grow. 

Thank you for staying engaged in our work this year and for your support. I’m grateful for you.

I pray you move forward in 2021 with the abandonment of hope. 


P.S. Here’s a SENT recap of 2020…




  • First website launched, Founding SENT Community of 8 Catholic Entrepreneurs started.
  • SENT opts for virtual model to help people connect across geographies


  • Two more SENT Communities started; SENT grows to serving over 20 Entrepreneurs



  • Launched 3 more SENT Communities, bringing total number of entrepreneurs on SENT Platform to 40+ 
  • Finalized Entrepreneur of the Spirit Curriculum, a spiritual formation curriculum customized for Catholic entrepreneurial leaders


  • Opened applications for new SENT Fellows starting in January 2021


  • Featured by Aleteia as one of the top new ministries in the Church