Meet The Winners of The OSV Innovation Challenge Demo Day!

These three winners were selected from the 350 applicants and among the 12 finalists who pitched their projects at the first OSV Innovation Challenge Demo Day on Aug. 29. Each winner received $100,000 in prize funding from the OSV Institute.

Catholic Sprouts: Domestic Church Project

The Domestic Church Project is a 6-week in-home experience to help parents set up and live their Domestic Church. With content designed to engage the hearts of each family member, the Domestic Church Project gives parents the system and support for teaching the Faith that they so desperately need.

Juan Diego Network

Juan Diego Network creates, produces, groups, and distributes media content and audio programs to help evangelize, train, pray, inspire, and entertain Latinos around the world.

Eden Invitation: Heart And Porch

Eden Invitation is a movement for young adult Catholics experiencing same-sex desires and gender discordance to thrive as disciples within the Church. Their “Hearth & Porch Initiative” will foster local hubs for community and formation, and create new evangelistic testimony videos.

Here is what some of the finalists had to say about the OSV Innovation Challenge Accelerator…

“I think as Catholics we often hold a false dichotomy between faith and business. By taking in the stories and wisdom of our guest speakers and the lives of the saints, I learned that faith and entrepreneurship do go hand in hand. There is a great both/and here. It’s critical to understand your role in the marketplace so that you’re ready to make the leap of faith when Divine Providence asks it of you. This takes calling, discipline and discernment.” 

Dave Kang, Producer, Take Me Home: A Docuseries

Take Me Home is a documentary series exploring our common search for ‘home’ through the lives of men and women moving off the streets into an innovative village for the homeless.

“I came to this program thinking I had already discerned God’s will for my life. I have a beautiful vocation as wife and mother, but felt He was calling me to launch a product that would get prayer into the world… I came to this accelerator with an idea for a product, and am leaving with a mission to build a movement to get prayer back into the home.” 

Corina Montreuil, Founder, My Prayer Corner

My Prayer Corner is a program that offers an at-home altar and experience packs for families. With My Prayer Corner, a child and their family can experience God’s love, build a foundation of faith, and learn how to pray. We want every child to Pray, Act, Grow!

“One of the greatest insights of the Accelerator for me was Mother Teresa’s comment that when she thinks of helping the masses it’s overwhelming and she does nothing. When she thinks about picking up the next person in front of her, she can do that. When we share our own vulnerabilities and struggles, God works through the others in the group to encourage and help illumine the way.” 

Michael O’Rourke, Founder and Content Director, Strong Catholic Dad

Strong Catholic Dad exists to help fathers lead their families to heaven by inspiring conversations around viral YouTube videos to capture the imagination of the whole family.

“I have been renewing my Consecration to Jesus through Mary during this summer accelerator. I feel like the consecration has taken on a deeper meaning… I consecrated FIERCE Athlete to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City back in 2017, and as I am praying my daily consecration it has been beautiful to surrender this summer challenge, and the work of FIERCE Athlete to her in a new and deeper way as well.” 

Sam Kelley, President and Founder, FIERCE Athlete

The FIERCE Athlete Physical + Spiritual Training Clinic is a unique opportunity for high school students to grow both physically and spiritually. It combines strength & conditioning sessions with spiritual talks and applications concerning femininity, identity and the female body.