Work / Life Balance Advice

Since our retreat last month, we have taken some time to reflect on how it went and what to take away from it. One takeaway is that during a retreat, there are designated times for prayer and reflection; however, when one gets back to busy, everyday life, it can be a challenge to harmonize work with other key areas of our lives. Especially now, in this virtual world, the lines between professional, personal, and spiritual life can get blurred. 


Here are some tips for having a greater harmony of life so that you can be more fully alive. 

1. Have set work hours and stick to them – Do you find yourself checking emails during dinner or stressing about a work project after you log off or get home? We’ve all done it. Committing to totally logging off after work means you can give more intentional attention to your family, yourself, and God. If necessary, set notification limitations during certain hours or app time limits.


2. Let go of perfection – There is no such thing as a perfect entrepreneur, employee, or business. Recognizing and growing into this reality, keeps us humble, because only God is perfect. Moreover, realizing that no effort will be perfect just makes good business sense so we can cover more ground efficiently. If “perfectionism” is something you struggle with, ask God to help you.


3. Make tiny strides – Prioritizing what we value — and following through on those priorities is a consistent struggle. Whether that’s having clear daily time for family, a specific work project, exercise, or prayer. Here are a couple of tips for kickstarting habit changes:

  • 1% Rule. Try spending just 1% more of your day or week on your priority area, a seemingly tiny amount. This amounts to 15 min a day, which turns into over 200 hours per yearWhat if you prayed for just 15 min a day? Or spent 15 min a day listening to someone you love? WOW.
  • Tee up your goal for success. Sometimes we have to prime the pump. If you want to journal in the morning, put your journal out with a pen next to your morning coffee mug. If you want to pray at a certain time, block it off on your calendar and tell someone else you plan to do it so you have some external accountability. Find your own ways of teeing up a goal for success!



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