Whom God calls, He Equips.

We help Him equip Entrepreneurs of the Spirit so they can transform the Church and the world through their business ventures.

We can’t move forward as a Church without first learning from the past.

We spent a year researching the lives of over 50 Church renewal leaders such as St. Benedict, St. Francis, St. Ignatius, St. John Bosco, Dorothy Day, Chiara Lubich, and others. Here, SENT identified common characteristics of these “Entrepreneurs of the Spirit”—leaders who developed innovative approaches to address the human and spiritual needs of their time and place. Through their radical adherence to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, they became entrepreneurs for Christ and His Church.

These innovative leaders are not just relics of the past but are also present in the world today. By supporting today’s Entrepreneurs of the Spirit, SENT provides the business insight, community support, peer-to-peer mentorship, and spiritual grounding for innovative ventures to succeed and revitalize the 21st century Church.

Fueling a Dynamic, Entrepreneurial Catholic Church.

Our Vision

We envision a dynamically entrepreneurial Catholic Church whose members, inflamed by the Holy Spirit and rooted in a living faith, creatively pray, work, and live to address the human and spiritual needs of our time.

Our Mission

SENT contributes to Catholic Church renewal by fueling the next generation of leaders to meet their business, personal and spiritual goals with the support and accountability of a community.

Guiding Principles

Individually and collectively, those affiliated with SENT will seek to live faithful, integrated Catholic lives. Imbued with Christ through the Sacraments, regular prayer, spiritual reading, human outreach, and other spiritual practices, we aspire for authentic holiness in order to be a magnifier of the Holy Spirit. By allowing ourselves to be spiritually nourished, we hope to be more effective vessels for advancing the mission of the Holy Spirit in the world. We believe that the best way to nurture a culture of spiritual entrepreneurship in others is to first live this way ourselves.


Just as the Entrepreneurs of the Spirit throughout Church history remained faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and Church leadership, SENT seeks to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We believe that remaining united to the cumulative wisdom of the Church will also be a great aid to humility by which we seek to play the role of servant within the Church and thereby allow the Holy Spirit space to breathe through our ideas and work.

Fan the Flames

We believe that one of the most powerful ways to contribute to Church renewal is to "fan the flames" of what the Holy Spirit is already doing. Since the Holy Spirit has consistently renewed the Church through “Entrepreneurs of the Spirit” in the past, we are confident that He is renewing the Church today in the same way, though these individuals typically look different in various times and settings. By developing the right ecosystem for entrepreneurs to co-create with the Holy Spirit, dynamic transformation becomes possible.

World-class Resources

SENT intends to equip Catholic entrepreneurs with world-class resources in business, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and professional networks so that Catholic entrepreneurs have the ecosystem and support needed for fruitful growth.

Collaborative Platform

Instead of building small segregated camps, SENT hopes to prioritize partnerships and collaborations with those who share our vision. We recognize that we depend on each other as the Mystical Body and no one organization by itself can achieve such a mission.

Entrepreneurial Diversity

Renewal efforts throughout history have often adopted unexpected structures and approaches depending on the need to be addressed. Therefore, today, we are open to a variety of structures or ways of addressing apparent human or spiritual needs. From informal street ministry to complex, structured organizations, Entrepreneurs of the Spirit look vastly different in varying contexts. Often they are uniquely shaped by their own background, experiences, the ‘needs’ they’ve encountered, and how they have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. Despite such diversity, certain core qualities can be found, such as vibrant relationship with Christ, fidelity to the Catholic Church, and a capability to address some key human or spiritual need.

What our Fellows Say

"How do I sum up this experience in one sentence? It’s worth it."

Rob Kaczmark
Executive Director & Co-founder, Spirit Juice Studios

"The folks I’ve met through SENT have been so generous and humble in sharing their own journeys, both the upsides and the real struggles. It’s been an incredible gift to peek behind the curtain and see how much we all have in common as entrepreneurs."

Anna Camacho

Founder & Maker, CORDA Candles

"Thank you - I really need this community. Being an entrepreneur is extremely overwhelming and SENT helps me remember Christ is the center of everything."

Peter Atkinson
Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The Merry Beggars

"Recently SENT coached me through stewarding my finances. As our business continues to grow, I’ve been thinking about what to do with the gifts that God has given us."

Nick Madden
CEO, Red Door Escape Room

"I never thought that the SENT community would be what it has become for me. It is an absolute support system that has helped me grow as a Catholic, entrepreneur, person, husband, and father."

Erich Beyer
CEO & Founder, Archangel Capital

Ways to Get Involved

Is God calling you to get involved in one of these ways?

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Leader or Entrepreneur

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Do you want to work with us to educate, connect, and inspire Catholic entrepreneurs?

“I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization.”

Pope St. John Paul II

“Go forth and set the world on fire.”

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

“As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

Jesus (John 20:21)

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