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SENT members scale their business, ministry, or social venture with a community rooted in Catholic spirituality.


Of SENT members say SENT helped them grow their business and their faith.

Entrepreneurs of the Spirit: Fueled by faith and mission, SENT leaders embark on ventures to provide solutions for a world deeply in need.

Catholic entrepreneurs face isolation, scarce resources, and spiritual desolation that hinder flourishing.
SENT provides professional resources, mentorship, and community to grow & sustain successful ventures.
Entrepreneurs grow spiritually as they learn from the saints and discuss their faith as entrepreneurs.

Who is SENT For?


  "SENT has been enormously helpful for me in building Hallow"
      - Alex Jones, SENT Fellow
      Hallow Co-founder & CEO
      The #1 Catholic App

All Catholic business leaders & entrepreneurs:

  • Catholic leaders of secular companies
  • Catholic leaders of Catholic companies
  • Catholic leaders of non-profits

Our members work in a wide variety of industries. Some are just beginning their enterprises while others have been operating for a decade or more.

The common threads? An entrepreneurial spirit and an active, passionate Catholic faith.

Ready to get started?

Dozens of entrepreneurs trust SENT to grow better.

If you’re an entrepreneur or leader seeking resources, accountability, and mentorship rooted in the Catholic faith to take your venture to the next level, we invite you to consider joining us at SENT.

What our Members Say

"How do I sum up this experience in one sentence? It’s worth it."

Rob Kaczmark
Executive Director & Co-founder, Spirit Juice Studios

"The folks I’ve met through SENT have been so generous and humble in sharing their own journeys, both the upsides and the real struggles. It’s been an incredible gift to peek behind the curtain and see how much we all have in common as entrepreneurs."

Anna Camacho

Founder & Maker, CORDA Candles

"Thank you - I really need this community. Being an entrepreneur is extremely overwhelming and SENT helps me remember Christ is the center of everything."

Peter Atkinson
Chief Executive Officer & Founder, The Merry Beggars

"Recently SENT coached me through stewarding my finances. As our business continues to grow, I’ve been thinking about what to do with the gifts that God has given us."

Nick Madden
CEO, Red Door Escape Room

"I never thought that the SENT community would be what it has become for me. It is an absolute support system that has helped me grow as a Catholic, entrepreneur, person, husband, and father."

Erich Beyer
CEO & Founder, Archangel Capital

"I spent the first two years with almost no support and we barely survived. I desperately needed and still need what SENT is offering."

James Baxter
CEO & Co-Founder, Exodus 90

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