Featured Entrepreneur of the Spirit: Scott Weeman

Scott Weeman, Founder & Executive Director of Catholic in Recovery shares why he began his venture and how SENT has benefited him.

Scott founded Catholic in Recovery after his own personal battle with addiction, where he found healing, support, and new life through the help of a recovery program and the grace of the Sacraments. Ever since his own journey toward recovery, Scott has devoted himself to providing the support and resources necessary to help others who are struggling with addiction. 

A wise Catholic priest we know once said: “Let’s face it. We’re all addicts in one way or another.” How true this is. Catholic in Recovery helps open the door to freedom in Christ, the Sacraments, and developing healthy habits and relationships for men and women battling addiction and crippling attachment. We are honored to have Scott in our SENT Community and are proud of his willingness to contribute to Church renewal through his ministry. 

Here are some words that Scott shared with us regarding his own mission and his experience of being in a SENT Community…

What inspired you to start Catholic in Recovery? 

Catholic in Recovery began from the fruit of God’s infinite mercy and the freedom I found from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictive/compulsive behaviors. Upon getting sober in 12-step recovery groups and returning to the Catholic Church, it became clear that there was a need for more addiction recovery resources provided by the Catholic Church. The overlap between the spiritual wisdom of the 12 steps and the sacramental life of the Church became clear, and I felt that Catholic in Recovery could serve as a bridge between the two. Furthermore, there is a great need to support family members dealing with the challenge of their loved one’s addiction, and we believe that it’s critical that real-life issues such as these are integrated into the Church’s enrichment of family life. 

Can you tell us about what Catholic in Recovery has been up to lately?

Since the pandemic started in March, we have had the chance to meet the needs of those challenged by isolation, economic uncertainty, anxiety and fear by providing virtual Catholic in Recovery meetings. We have walked alongside individuals from across the globe who otherwise would not be able to attend an in-person Catholic in Recovery meeting. In addition to adding virtual meetings, we’re working to create a comprehensive set of materials that help CIR participants journey through the 12 steps with a sacramental focus. These materials are being shared through a weekly gathering that encourages individuals to connect with others, share their experience, and engage the spiritual work of recovery between sessions. 

What have been the most difficult or challenging parts of starting this venture?

I started Catholic in Recovery with a lot of passion and vision for what could be, although I previously lacked some business experience and knowledge to build the company effectively. There have been a few growing pains as a result, and at times I’ve felt quite alone through the emotional highs and lows. There have also been a few moments where people have extended a willingness to help and I was unsure of how to best put their passion and skills to good use. 

Why did you decide to join a SENT Community? 

I was interested in joining a SENT Community for the opportunity to connect with other Catholic entrepreneurs and share the experiences that I was encountering through my daily work, knowing that others have likely been through something similar. My growing experience as a business leader can’t be done in a vacuum, and I joined SENT with the hope that I take away some tools for use in my professional and personal life. I was particularly interested in sharing the pursuit of faith with others who balance their apostolic goals with their vocation as a spouse and parent. 

What have been the biggest benefits or takeaways from your time in a SENT Community? 

While going through some exciting growth and development as an organization, it has been very beneficial to bounce ideas off of the community and receive honest, practical feedback. I have enjoyed a forum to share exciting wins, disappointments, and the regular highs-and-lows of entrepreneurial leadership while staying rooted in faith, hope, and love.

If you could sum up your SENT experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Participating in SENT has opened new opportunities for friendship, creative and strategic ways to approach my apostolate, and a sense of unity in the work we’re doing to advance the kingdom of God.

To learn more about Scott and Catholic in Recovery click here.



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