Why Sent

Learn and grow with an advisory board of other Catholic founders and leaders, weekly workshops and networking events with top leaders, and receive customized spiritual formation.

Annual access, all for the typical cost of a 3-day conference.

Mentorship & Coaching

Receive strategic guidance, feedback, and accountability from your facilitator and other CEOs, founders, and leaders monthly via video call.

Workshops and Networking Events

Learn from and network with leading business and spiritual speakers through weekly events. Speakers at SENT workshops are scheduled to include:

  • Partner at VC firm Kleiner-Perkins
  • Head of Partnerships for X-Prize
  • Serial entrepreneur with a successful $100M exit
  • Marketing firm founder with NFL and PGA as clients  
  • Global expert on how to grow sales
  • Carmelite priest discussing contemplative prayer
  • And more...

Partner Network

Broaden your network, community, and business relationships within and outside of Catholic communities.

Virtually Everywhere

Connect to your SENT community wherever you are through virtual community meetings and ongoing collaboration via SENT’s community platform.


Have your own advisory committee of 5-8 other CEOs, founders, and leaders. Access to a focused community hub to ask questions and receive guidance.

Custom Content

Receive weekly content with curated business, entrepreneurship, personal and spiritual development resources. Access our library of business, entrepreneurship, personal, and spiritual development tools and resources.

Spiritual Formation

  • Deepen your interior life despite your hectic schedule
  • Integrate Church teaching into your call as an entrepreneurial leader
  • Unpack the secret sauce of saint founders through original case studies 
  • Join an in-person retreat for life planning and to meet other SENT members

What our Members Say

Kate Sell Headshot(1)

“SENT communities offer Catholic professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to break down barriers of doubt, fear, and division, creating a new culture of mutual trust, collaboration, and support to fuel God-given missions.”

Kate Sell
Mission Advancement Partners
Peter Atkinson headshot

“Thank you - I really need this community. Being an entrepreneur is extremely overwhelming and SENT helps me remember Christ is the center of everything.”

Peter Atkinson
Founder, The Merry Beggars

“SENT has provided me a powerful mechanism to connect with others on the entrepreneurial journey. It’s a life-giving forum to accomplish meaningful personal and professional goals.”

SENT Community Member

Will you join us?

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